Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Step Closer!!

We got a call from our case manager last week.  We got our court date....January 18th!  I just booked our flights on Monday, and now I'm in my list mode.  I LOVE to make lists.  Bill always laughs at me because I tend to make lists for everything.  Well, now I have a GREAT reason to be making lists!  Here are just a few of my catagories...medications for the trip, toiletries, clothes, food, donations, 1st trip, 2nd trip, tips for luggage, tips for hotel, and on and on.  The trick for me is trying to keep all my lists organized.  I struggle in that department.  It seems, especially now, I am such a scatterbrain, and I can't seem to focus. 

In my defense, there is also lots going on in our house!  We have been very blessed in that T1 has some scholarship offers to play football in college next year.  So we are visiting and discussing, and then visiting and discussing a little more, and I'm ready for a decision because H is a junior, and we need to start looking at where she might want to go...which by the way, all these things are cause for more lists!!!!!

And then I start looking around our house and start making lists of all the things that we need to fix or paint before Baby R comes home.  And of course there's Christmas...decorating, menus, shopping!!!  OK enough about my list really does help me though. 

We are so excited about meeting our precious little girl.  Counting down the days until we're LEAVING ON A JET PLANE!!!!