Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Great job Chesswava!

We were so excited when Chesswava came home from cheer with this on her phone!  This is something she has been working for off and on for the past 3 years!!  She got her round-off, flip-flop, back tuck!  We would sign up for 8 week sessions at the gym when she wasn't too busy and she'd go for an hour a week.  They would look beautiful on the tumble track (which is like a long, narrow trampoline) and then try it on the floor and not get anywhere.  She would get so frustrated.  She has been so busy since the fall that we have not signed up for anymore sessions.  But her cheer coach this last month has been having optional tumbling practices, and Chesswava has been going and she got it!   I asked her last night, so....what was the difference...why did you get it this time.  Her response, "I think it was because I really wanted it this time."  I had to laugh.  This girl says the funniest things sometimes.  Anyway, Great job, Chesswava!

Today I start the process of updating our homestudy and sending a letter to USCIS to get fingerprints done again.  Our homestudy expires in April and fingerprints in May.  I can't say I'm really excited about having to do this...but I know it's worth it in the end.  We are so ready to get Sunshine home and are not willing to take a chance in another delay!

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  1. (new reader here!)

    Woo hoo, good for her! My older daughter (6) is a competitive gymnast, but she loves to tumble and goes to open gym tumbling on Saturdays (she has gymnastics 12 hrs a week, so we have no time for competitive cheer!).. and when she first got her back handspring, I was so excited.. she was obsessed with getting it for FOREVER and it's so fun to watch them accomplish a goal!